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Thomas Tallis’s Secret Garden
Passacaille, 2009

“[...] The singers perform these a cappella works with exceptional focus, intensity, and crystal-clear intonation; when they land on a major chord, the effect is like a ray of sunlight breaking through clouds.”
Stephen Eddins, allmusic.com

Thomas Tallis, Marian Antiphon – Gaude gloriosa dei mater

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Carissimi – Music in Rome circa 1640
Passacaille, 2007. 2 discs.

“This is a very welcome collection of music [...] There is some splendid singing here, beautifully recorded with much attention to the placing of the musicians.”
Noel O’Regan, Early Music Review, December 2007

Giacomo Carissimi, Historia Jephte

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Golden Age of Polish Baroque
Harmonia Mundi / Ambronay, 2007. 3 de Diapason, **** du Monde de la Musique

“The choral singing is full-blooded and sensitive, while sackbuts and cornets peal thrillingly in the reverberant acoustics.”
London Daily Telegraph, Mars 2008

Mikolaj Zielenski, Magnificat a tri cori

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João Rodriguez Esteves : Sacred music
Harmonia Mundi / Ambronay, 2006

“The exciting energetic double-choir mass, and a Stabat mater that includes plangent eight-part choruses and ornamented continuo-accompanied arias, reveal a stylistic miscarriage that enables Esteves to bring the text’s raw emotions to painfully vivid life.”
London Daily Telegraph, 29 October 2007

João Rodriguez Esteves, Miserere a tre cori

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Marc-Antoine Charpentier : Le Jugement Dernier
Pan Classics, 2004. Orphée d’Or de l’Académie du disque lyrique, 10/10 pour le site Classics Today France

“I would regard this as an outstanding programme and the performances as near-definitive. There is some outstanding singing especially in Transfige and Salve Regina. All in all, this is the kind of disc that should win awards.”
Early Music Review, Oct. 2004

Marc-Antoine Charpentier, Salve regina à trois choeurs

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Miserere : Allegri / Bai, Leo, F. Scarlatti
Naïve /Ambronay, 2001
Choc du Monde de la Musique, Orphée d’Or de l’Académie du disque lyrique, Premio Internazionale del Disco Antonio Vivaldi (Italie), “Disc of the Month” à la BBC

“Finally, a brand new CD that had me totally bewitched – I couldn’t even pick up my coffee while this was on ! It’s fascinating and very beautiful.”
BBC Radio 3, Novembre 2001

Allegri / Bai, Miserere quatuor

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San Marco di Venezia
Fondation HP France, 2001
Live recording from a concert at the Festival d’Art Sacré in Paris

“No sign of mere learning or academic theory: the musicians of the Ensemble William Byrd radiate real mastery, pleasure in making music, and a sense of conviviality which reaches out to the public.”
Nicole Duault, La Lettre du Musicien

Gabrieli, Hodie Christus natus est

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pochette stabat mater Scarlatti

Domenico Scarlatti : Musica Sacra – Stabat mater
Arion-Pierre Verany, 1999
Diapason d’Or, 10 de Répertoire, Recommandé par Classica, Version chose by the BBC in 2008

“Overwhelming! There are no other words to describe the intense emotion generated by this recording, especially the Stabat mater.”
10 de Répertoire, Sylvain Gasser, January, 2000

Domenico Scarlatti, Stabat mater

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Georg Friedrich Händel : Dixit Dominus, Nisi Dominus
L’Empreinte Digitale, 1998

“The two really slow movements (‘De torrente’ in Dixit and ‘Cum dederit’ in Nisi) are beautifully rapt, and everything else is lively, with the two-to-a-part vocal lines clear.”
Anthony Hicks, Early Music Review, 1998

Handel, Dixit Dominus

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Georg Friedrich Händel : Three Chandos Anthems
L’Empreinte Digitale, 1997

“With performances that are vigorous, supple and expressive, this disc whets the appetite for future volumes.”
Goldberg, Graham Lock

Handel, Chandos anthem No.11 “Let God Arise”, HWV 256

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Palestrina : Canticum Canticorum
Jade, 1995
Choc du Monde de la Musique, 5 Diapason, 9 de Répertoire

“Few French ensembles have managed the balance we find here between sheer vocal beauty and a rigorously thought-out interpretation.”
Marc Desmet, Choc du Monde de la Musique

Palestrina, Vox dilecti mei

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Henry Purcell : Welcome Vicegerent
ADDA, 1995

“The atmosphere is warm, the feeling direct and agreeable… the most likeable recording of the works of Orpheus Britannicus that it has been our pleasure to listen for many months.” 
Ivan Alexandre, Diapason

Purcell, Welcome Vicegerent

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Orlando Gibbons : The Cries of London
ADDA, 1989

“Unlike some ensembles, the William Byrds here show the dramatic character of Gibbons’ music, where emotion is never absent.”
Jacques Bonnaure, Répertoire

Gibbons, The cries of London

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