Become a partner – a win-win situation !


The Ensemble William Byrd brings together some of the best singers from throughout Europe, pays them and looks after them through the rehearsal period essential to the preparation of new concert programmes. Each year also, the Ensemble enlarges its list of recordings.

To do that, Graham O’Reilly must assemble singers, instrumentalists and sound engineers into a carefully selected acoustic environment rented for the occasion. After the recording comes the editing, followed by the writing, planning and printing of the booklet, and finally the release of the record, the distribution and the publicity.

Your gift will enable us to be more and more present on the stages and festivals of France and Europe ; it will allow us to plan ever more ambitious and exciting projects for the concert platform and the recording studio, as well as helping us to continue our educational work – forming the audiences of tomorrow.

What your contributions can buy :

- 5.000 euros makes you a Partner of the Ensemble ;
- For 10.000 euros you can be Sponsor of a concert ;
- From 20.000 euros upwards, you would become our Principal Sponsor.

For an exceptional evening, offer your future and present clients a private concert !


The rewards – real advantages :

A communication strategy

To show the value we attach to our partnership with you, your logo is present on all our communications:
- Press releases in the daily press and journals
- The pressbook
- The internet site of the Ensemble William Byrd

Your participation in all the recordings of the Ensemble William Byrd
- Your logo on the cover of the CD
- A whole page in the booklet for the presentation of your business
- Copies of the CD reserved for your business, ideal presents for your clients etc…

Exceptional access

Invitations to all the concerts of the season by the Ensemble William Byrd, with preferential tarifs for extra places.

- private meetings with the musical director of the Ensemble, Graham O’REILLY.
- organisation of private concerts
- organisation of press conferences to announce and present the partnership

Concerts in all imaginable formats (special lighting, use of space, acoustic adventures, crossover styles …) in some of the most prestigious concert sites in Europe:

- Burnish your image : organise a concert for the opening of a foreign branch
- Publicise your values : offer a Christmas concert to the towns where you are. There are so many things which contribute to the image of your enterprise. Add our values of excellence and rigour to those of your company

You love vocal music and wish to support a dynamic professional ensemble of international standing ?

To continue its development and expand its discoveries of Renaissance and Baroque vocal repertoire, the Ensemble William Byrd needs new partners. We hope that soon you will be among them. Together we can form a mutually satisfying and productive alliance. With this in mind, we will give you space to work with us to find the exact form of our partnership, so that we both may flourish.

For a list of projects which need your help, and for all other information, contact :
Sylvie Shaw – – 06 58 73 52 07


What is sponsorship?

“Sponsorship is material aid, freely given, to a cause or a person engaged in an activity of public benefit, in the fields of culture, social responsibility and the environment.” (Law of June 6th, 1989) Regardless of whether it comes from a business or a private individual, cultural patronage is primarily a philanthropic activity, which helps to finance a cultural project.


Since the passing of the Aillagon Law concerning sponsorship on August 1st, 2003, the real cost to your business of sponsoring associations and foundations has been reduced (see also Article 16 of the Finance Law 2004 (Bulletin Officiel des Impôts 4C-5-04 n° 112 of July 13th, 2004). This law decrees the following:

1) A reduction in tax of 66.6% for all gifts to a cause certified to be of General Interest. This applies to gifts:

- From individuals: 66.6% of the amount given in reduction of income tax,
- From businesses : 66.6% of the amount given in reduction of company tax,

2) There has also been an amendment in the ceiling of tax reduction allowed. These ceilings now are: 20% of taxable income for individuals, 0,5% of turnover for businesses. You also have the possibility of spreading the tax benefits over the following five years.

3) The possibility of tax benefits for gifts in kind.

Let us find together the formula which suits you! As the finance law allows you to become patron of a cultural project, let us construct a project together around the art of vocal ensemble music.