We think that it’s important to introduce what we do to the public of tomorrow – both school children and students attending conservatoires. So we present our concerts and try to place them in a context to give the students a way into renaissance and Baroque music. We also present our artists, their instruments and backgrounds, which always interests the children



Example :

2003-2005: The Ensemble William Byrd was in residence at Sannois, taking a leading role in an educational project for primary and secondary schools aimed at children up to the age of 13. The project involved:

- Visiting classes (8 in September 2003, 15 by April 2005) to present period instruments and extracts from works performed in concerts
- Public rehearsals in the local church and cultural center
- Concerts by schoolchildren of works from the 16th and 17th centuries
- Public concerts in December and April of each year
- Before each concert Graham O’Reilly gave introductory talks at the media library, open to all comers


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